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What If I Want To Invest In An International Franchise?

There are those of us who know we aren’t meant to work for someone else. The select few who decide to change our fates from someone who works for a boss to someone who is the boss. Owning a franchise lets you change your fate to just that, you are the boss. Investing in a nationally growing franchise such as Dunkin Donuts is definitely a dream comes true, but what if you want to be the boss in a foreign land, to get out and experience the world?


Be assured you don’t have to be a part of a foreign brand, there are plenty of places that will make you a part of an international franchise, and here are the top ten franchise choices for globe trotters:
1. Subway
2. McDonald’s
3. KFC
4. 7-Eleven
5. Burger King
6. Snap-On Tools
7. Pizza hut
8. Wyndham Hotel Group
9. ServiceMaster Clean
10. Choice Hotels
Although these are the top international franchises out there, they are not the only ones you can invest in. Actually, you might be surprised to know that many of our favorite places are also well known across the pond. America’s quick service restaurants are famous all over the globe from Europe to China and back again. investing in a QSR like Subway will guarantee you not only have plenty of earning potential if you locate your franchise properly, but it also guarantees you have something familiar from home to be a part of in a foreign land.

Hotels and services are also highly recommended. One of the top ten franchise groups is the Wyndham Hotel Group which is a well-known prestigious group that makes being a part of this franchise almost a privilege. Hotels are very unique in the franchise world. Not only are they everywhere, because after all people travelling need a place to sleep, but they’re also always going to need people to manage them.

Hotels are a little pricier to begin. The initial start-up costs of a hotel franchise are going to exceed the costs of a quick service restaurant. Hotels also require you to hire a large employee base. Having many employees can be stressful, especially if you’ve never managed a hotel before, but it is also rewarding. As a franchise owner you have the ability to choose a multi-national staff and hire those who have different language skills to better suit the needs of your clientele. They can also help you learn the local language and customs.

To enjoy one of these top ten franchise options, or any other franchise option, in a foreign land there are some things you will have to look into first. Be aware of the local law. Are you, as a foreigner, allowed to be a business owner in that country? What rights do you have under their jurisdiction? Do you have to have a Work Permit or established residency to be there? Also, try to learn the local language and customs before you go. As a franchise owner you will be doing yourself a greater service and build respect and clientele by speaking to people in their native tongue.

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