Top 5 Must-Haves in Your Business Strategy

A business strategy is a document which highlights the direction which the business will be taking; its objectives as well as the steps that you plan to take in order to achieve such objectives.


A business strategy is very important for a number of different reasons. One of the most important factors why you need a business strategy is in order to secure the necessary funding for your business from commercial banks and financial institutions. It is also essential so that you can outline to your employees and staff the direction and plans that your business intends to take.
Below is a useful list of five things that you should include to help you easily make a great business strategy.


  1. A Vision Statement – A vision statement is a description of the company’s future and the direction it plans to take. It will highlight what your business will look like after a few years and describe the things that it intends to achieve. This will help in establishing to your employees as well as the consumers what the business is all about and what it intends to accomplish.


  1. A Mission Statement – Your business strategy should also include a mission statement, which is a statement of your company’s purpose and mission. It should be short and easily memorable so that your customers will remember it. The mission statement describes the reason for the existence of the business and should include the needs your business is trying to satisfy as well as the customers and markets that you intend to serve.


  1. Business Goals – Indicating your business goals in your strategy is essential to serve as a guide for you and your employees. It is also an important detail which banks and lending institutions consider before granting business loans. You should write down the short term and long term goals of your business which should likewise include the growth and development that you intend to achieve.



  1. Financial Details – Financial information is very important to assess if you have a viable business venture. Take time to prepare financial details such as initial investment, overhead expenses, cost and profit projections, sales forecast and cash flow projections to show how feasible your business is. This will help you determine how much funding you will need as well as the regular expenses that you should prepare for in running your business.


  1. A Marketing Strategy – A good business strategy should include effective ways that you are going to use to promote your business to your customers. You should identify your target markets and create an effective strategy to tap these markets to ensure the success of your business. Having a good marketing strategy on hand even before you start your business is very important so that you would already have an idea on what actions to take to market your goods or services.


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