Running a Successful Business

The two biggest aspects of running a successful business are planning and communication. When things are done successfully they are 9 times out of 10 not done at the spur of the moment. And in order to execute a sophisticated plan all the team members have to be in sync with one another which requires effective communication.

Preparation is the key to success.  You can’t walk up to any multi-millionaire or successful entrepreneur and ask them if they woke up one morning, quit their job, and started their business right away and their answer be yes.  That’s because it doesn’t happen. You have to prepare yourself and your business which takes time. Programs may need to be redone over and over again, you may have to practice the presentation a million and one times before you get it right, and you may have to keep taking your product make to the manufacture; but make sure it’s right, whatever you’re doing.  You don’t want to sell a product or give a service that you didn’t put 100% into, that’s a sure fire way to kill your business.

After you’ve diligently prepared yourself and your business you need to communicate with your team. If you own your business alone, you need to communicate with your customers, your manufacturers. If you have a team of people you need to communicate with all of them, your assistant, your financial advisor, your marketing team, everybody needs to be in the loop. If there’s something going on, a change being made even if it’s the smallest of changes everyone needs to be informed. You don’t want to leave any of your team members out in the dark; everyone needs to be in the loop.

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Written by Avery

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