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What is Melanotan? How is Melanotan Made?

Melanotan I and Melanotan II are substances that allow the human body to create a tan or a dark pigment by boosting the natural melanin in the body. They enable people who do not tan easily to achieve the pigment even if they will be exposed to very little amounts of ultraviolet light. Melanotan is a peptide or a synthetic form of a hormone that occurs naturally in the body known as alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH).


This is the hormone responsible for the stimulation of melanocyte cells, which produce melanin when exposed to sunlight. The pigment then protects the internal cells from receiving direct UV radiation, which is the cause of the skin cancer infections. It is a fact that melanocytes are more active in the dark people who then have greater protection against skin cancer than their fair skin colored counterparts. Melanotan II is a compound that activates the cells whether or not there is light and its effectiveness is about 1000 times greater than the alternative a-MSH.

Some companies such as Europatan  have begun making the product and availing it for sale to customers. It is protective against cancer infections and other skin diseases, which are cased when one is exposed to UV light. Although it is not intended for this use some people use it as a beauty product and some males with an erectile dysfunction also utilize it. You can get the injecting type or the nasal spray for those who fear needles.

When it comes to how Melanotan is made, it is synthesized and when it is completely pure, it appears like crystals. Due to problems with weighing, laboratories that manufacture Melanotan on a large scale produce it by means of freeze drying it. This is an additional step that involves dissolving the 1000 milligrams of Melanotan crystals into 200 ml of sterile water. Freeze-drying is a popular method used in the manufacture of many types of products including coffee.

Pressure to look good in terms of the societal standards is higher than ever before, due to this, Melanotan in Australia, USA, Canada, UK & Ireland and the Scandinavian countries is getting more of a popular.

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