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How to Start a Business On a Budget

Starting any business will involve a budget. Good businesses are managed with attention paid to the return on investment. If there are little funds available, there are creative ways to maximise any spend and minimise unnecessary costs. Overheads are unavoidable and immediate costs when starting a business. By being realistic about what is needed, a business can function far more efficiently. There is the temptation to act like an established operation, but being unable to deliver when called upon can do more damage than good.

Unavoidable Costs Every Budget Should Include

Every business needs basic office supplies such as stationary and other consumables. Other printing costs will include business cards and no modern enterprise can function without a website.  Look at new fresh ways of printing, like the online desktop to door printing solution from DoxDirect for convenience and usability.

These are all costs that are relatively low for the potential return because they all generate business. Defining what costs are going to generate a return on your investment is the most important factor when deciding how to allocate your budget. Many new businesses fail because budgets are spent on non-essential purchases and there is zero working capital left in the business to carry the staff and director through the period with an initial lack of revenue.

Vanity or Necessity

When starting a new business, a premises, can say a lot about your company. Some of the most efficient and well-presented businesses do not have their own premises. The use of a managed or serviced office will give your company a prestigious address, receptionist and excellent facilities for in-house staff and meet and greets. You can rent high quality serviced offices at a fraction of the price you pay for an independent building. As your business grows, you have the option to expand the amount of office space you require. Serviced offices are the best way to portray big business image, with little business cost.

Minimum Budget Spend

The minimum any new business needs is a room and a telephone. A popular saying among entrepreneurs is ‘The secret to a successful business person is being a good middle man/woman.’ This means you can have a virtual office to use for your post and telephone answering. Calls are answered in you company name and forwarded to numbers you control, post is sent to prestigious addresses under your name and you can act as a much larger business than you could if you had to pay for a full office. If you can outsource your work, then you may never need to spend on staff without being certain of having revenue on the way to cover those costs. Many businesses fail because people as interested in status as they are interested in profits manage them.  Further source and information can also be found at

Small Increments Make Big Returns

The most minor of incremental changes in profit margins, are what separate the most efficient businesses in the UK from those trying to downsize or operating at a loss. Making miniscule savings will encourage the right mental attitude and appreciation for the way a business needs to operate.

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