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How to create a more repeatable sales process

One of the best ways to help maximise your sales percentages and improve growth is to implement a sales process that your sales team is able to run over and over again in the most efficient way they possibly can. Central to this is the process of customising your particular process for your specific business and target audiences. Making the journey through the sales funnel as pain-free as possible for both your team and your sales leads is key here. Luckily, there are a number of techniques you can implement in order to facilitate this that experienced businesspeople will utilise with all their ventures. Building a sales process from the ground-up is never easy, but here are some ways you can make it more intuitive for all involved.

Forecasting revenue is a vital part the cash flow management; one way to make forecasts more reliable is to clearly define the stages in your sales process early on. This makes it easy to quantify the sales process itself and thus analyse the data that is collected through the recording of leads, prospects, and confirmed sales. Try to clearly define your “exit criteria” that indicates when a lead has moved on to the next stage of the process so that you can make accurate predictions based on a shared model across your whole sales team.

Next, it is also important to clearly define that criteria for what qualifies a lead for your business. It is not enough to only have a rough idea of a target audience; the sales and marketing team should be given a clear set of identifiable boxes to tick that indicates to them a quality lead has been found. Narrowing down exactly the service or solution that your product provides will allow your team to more accurately judge if members of your target audience will be a good fit. This is because it allows them to gauge the extent to which they will benefit from what you are offering and therefore whether or not a given lead is worth pursuing. The creation of more certainty in the sales process is only ever a good tactic to employ.

Finally, don’t see your sales process as something that needs to be established and then allowed to become immutable and sanctified. Like your business in general, your sales process should move with the times and should adapt to the demands of the market. This means listening to feedback from customers and leads alike. Consider the process as just that; a process. The sales process is never finalised, because even when a sale is made, the conversation rate can always be improved upon. Keeping these tips in mind should allow you to establish a sales process that is easy for your team to follow and enjoyable for your leads to travel through.

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