Effective Customer Service For Success

Customer service is of paramount importance and has an influence on the success of a business. It is provided to clients during the process of purchasing goods or services. Excellent customer service involves providing an experience that meets the needs and wants of customers. It is important that businesses constantly strive to go above and beyond the expectations of the customer, to provide them with the highest standard of care.

If customers have a bad experience, they are more likely to pass their negative feedback on to their friends and family, more often than their positive experiences. Negative feedback can lead to complaints being made, which in turn can consequent in a loss of sales. It is essential that you make each and every customer feel valued and provide them with a personal experience, that they will remember.

Communication Skills

Staff should come across as being friendly and professional when dealing with customers. Body language is an important aspect of communication. Staff should be approachable, wear a smile, and have a positive posture (no slouching and don’t have your arms folded!).

Communication skills are vital when it comes to persuading customers to make that important purchase. Businesses should remember, clients create a perception of the company based on the language used. It is important that you listen to the needs of the customer, and try to best meet such demand.

Patience is key, and staff should take the time to explain things to the customer. Nothing should be too much for staff, and they should go out of their way to meet the needs of their customer. Whether they are being difficult or not, it is the employee’s duty to remain professional. Remember, the customer is always right!


There are a range of steps you can take to ensure you (as a business) provide excellent customer service. Training plays an integral part of meeting the customer’s wants and needs. It is crucial that staff members are aware of the basics of providing an excellent standard of care. Staff should always greet customers in a friendly manner, and always be on hand to help by answering any questions and provide any advice clients may require. They should also be trained so they have the ability to deal with complaints or difficult customers in the most effective manner. Staff should act professionally at all times!

Customer Expectations

Staff should be helpful and assist clients in any way they can, even if it is just for information about a product. Taking the time to talk and listen to the customer is important, even if there is no immediate profit in it. The customer will leave feeling like if wasn’t all about taking their money off them. If staff are friendly and approachable and provide the customer with the knowledge they want to know, they are more likely to return, based on the service alone. Staff should build a relationship with customers, which will lead to loyalty to the company. A strong rapport will lead to the customer seeing staff more as a friend and will return.

It is important that staff try to go above and beyond the expectations of the customer. If staff go the extra mile, this will lead to customers leaving happy with the service received and gain loyalty. When you become aware that you are unable to help a customer, it is important that you find someone that can. Use your initiative, if you don’t know something, act professionally, you could get another member of staff who does know to further help the customer.

An example of going the extra mile could be, if a product is out of stock that a customer has specifically asked for, you could go on to provide them with alternative products that are similar, this can also provide you with the opportunity to tell them about any special offers that may be on.

Another example, if a customer asks where a particular product is located you could direct them to the actual shelf and show them, rather than just telling them. It is important that you say thank you and goodbye. It will make the customer feel valued and appreciated.

Dealing with Complaints

If something has gone wrong, and customers have sent a complaint to the business, it is vital that you deal with it in the most effective manner. Even if a customer had a bad experience, their loyalty can still be regained. If you solve the problem in a timely manner, and offer some sort of compensation for their inconvenience, then customers may be left satisfied, and would go on to revisit. Remember, the customer is always right.

Customer service is a simple thing to offer to customers. The standard of customer service offered will determine whether or not clients will leave satisfied. There are many simple steps that can be taken to provide customers with a positive experience. It is important to gain the loyalty of the customer. Through providing an excellent standard of service to all customers, they will be more likely to return. This is important, as you do not want to lose custom to your competitors.

Businesses can offer promotions and cut their prices to bring in new customers, but the difficult part is to get them to return. This is where customer service comes in, it can be very difficult to differentiate yourself fromrivals, so anything you can do to set yourself apart in a positive way is advantageous.

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