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Adapting your business strategies with evolving techniques in marketing

The business world is ever changing and it’s important for businesses to roll with the times. Technology is forever changing the way in which our day-to-day lives operate, and this should also carry through into the businesses we are a part of and that we run. It is all too easy to get stuck in established routines and patterns of operation that slowly become more and more outdated, eventually becoming entirely eclipsed by the new techniques. Businesses that do not embrace the ever-changing nature of the market and of the fundamental ways they achieve their aims will find themselves quickly outmanoeuvred and outperformed by competitors. With that in mind, here are two specific, actionable adaptations that can be made to bring your marketing practices up to date.

The biggest cultural shift in modern times when it comes to consumer attitudes is brand ethics. Consumers are no longer content with a good product alone; they want to know that that the product they are buying and the industry that they are getting involved with are helping to change the world. This is reflected in the growth of sustainability consultancies; whose industry now exceeds $1 billion worldwide. It’s not enough to merely broadcast your business contributions to certain causes, however, consumers what a clear through-line from the product to the positive change it is helping to effect. Action this by making sure you foreground the impact the consumer themselves is having by purchasing your product or service, not just the good work your business does without them. Centre your customer’s contribution at all times.

Next, when it comes to social media, do not use it simply as a vehicle for pitching your products at your customers and potential leads. Consumers are more aware then ever exactly how and when they are being advertised to and they will see-through obvious attempts to hide product pitches in manufactured promotional material. Being explicit with your marketing is still important and useful, but when it comes to generating engagement, consumers will react much better to genuine testimony from satisfied customers and “every-people” than they will to actors or celebrities. Turn your customers into your content generators in order to provide genuine and compelling social media content that will do much more to foster engagement with your business than the traditional techniques of hiring actors and using stock photos.

Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal mission and strategies for accruing sales via digital marketing. However, it certainly pays to be aware of how consumer attitudes change over time and how you might adapt your practices in order to best fit these changing attitudes in order to maximise your end profits in the digital age.

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