7 Vital Tips: How To Maintain Good Customer Relation Management

One aspect that may contribute greatly to the overall success of any business is the company’s capability to satisfy its customers according to their particular needs or wants. This is where the importance of a good customer relation management will take place.

But, how can a start-up business focus in this area without spending much while at the same time meeting the qualifying criteria that can retain a client’s loyalty of doing business with you in the long run?


Well, let me first give you a quick definition of what is customer relation management.

For your information, CRM (customer relation management) is the process of interpreting the specific needs or wants of a client and trying to meet that expectation with the use of various strategies which may involve planning, implementing and adequate communication between the owner and an existing client.

As the marketplace becomes a battle arena for most aspiring entrepreneurs and prominent businessmen, you need to cope up with the demands of your clients, either through the use of tools, techniques and management skills in order to perform effectively.

If you want to maintain a good customer relation management, below are 7 vital tips to consider:

1.      Evaluate which category your client falls

There are 3 different types of customers that you will meet in your daily business operation. They are the first timers, regulars and lastly those who availed your product or service once and might avail that offer again in the near future. Know exactly which category your client falls or belongs and from there create a marketing strategy geared towards his/her requirements.

2.      Use the right social media platform

This is another approach that can be used by small businesses who have little marketing budget because using this type of marketing doesn’t require big capital investment. Determine which among these social sites can work alongside your marketing goals. Conduct your research where your target customers thrive most and do your best to become an active user of that community. If you think using Facebook can be a great tool in reaching out millions of target clients, then, start creating your business’ Facebook account and make sure you update it with relevant topics, ideas and product/service information for your client’s convenience. Nowadays, consumers are wiser to whom they trust online, so if you want to be recognized as a genuine person, let them feel you are there to provide solutions to their problems or learn their interests.

3.      Organize your client’s personal details

An effective customer relation management requires proper handling and filing of all your customers’ personal details. Even how small your business is at the moment, make sure you have a well organized record keeping of your client’s information like complete name, address, phone number and other relevant facts that you will find useful during a client’s re-order, processing of complaints or as future reference for follow-up offers to all existing clients. Use automation for better record keeping and time saving concerns.

4.      Provide regular updates

Another excellent approach to maintain a client’s interest and loyalty is by providing monthly newsletters to update them regularly of upcoming sales, discounts or information of new product or service launch. This is another way to build a client’s trust and lasting relationship by showing them you truly care about their personal interests.

5.      Train all staff members to be customer-friendly

Guarantee every potential client visiting your outlet or online shop to have an enjoyable experience with your friendly, accommodating and helpful staffs or online support team members who are ready to serve. Make your staff realize that a happy client has more potentials of being your repeat customer in the end.

6.      Handle customer complaint immediately

This is another vital aspect that any business owner should attend promptly without delay—handling a customer complaint with an immediate action or response. Don’t let a client’s complaint escalate to further harm or damage due to your insensitivity or negligence. Make the client feel that you feel their grievances and willing enough to provide a quick resolution. Avoid having bad reputations due to a dissatisfied client because word of mouth could spread the news like a viral disease that when left untreated will result to extreme damage. Same applies to a company’s present image.

7.      Show appreciation

Reward clients who remained loyal to your business by sending “Thank You” cards, special cards during important occasions like birthdays, Christmas and a lot more. If you have the marketing budget, give personalized promotional products during your company’s anniversary celebration to extend your appreciation like promotional shirts, key chains or mugs bearing your company’s logo or business name. Not only will they accept these gestures with their thumbs up approval, but also increase their brand awareness with your business every time they see or use that particular promotional gift.

Good customer relation management is one aspect of a business operation that must be given priority by the business owner desiring to maintain a positive rating to all his/her existing clients and be given the assurance of continued support from a client’s time, money and trust.

Treat each client like a royalty and for sure he/she will return that favor enormously, either, by remaining loyal to you, referring a friend or spreading positive comments about your business to the entire community. Carry on, focus all your efforts and win in the end.

About the author: Ohad Oren is a serial entrepreneur and a Co-Founder at ONDiGO – can be reached at ohad at ONDiGO is an automated mobile CRM for small business owners. ONDiGO automatically manages your customers and personal contacts, (like the secretary you never had) and allows you to focus on what you do best! Find ONDiGO on Facebook and Twitter.








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