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4 Tips to Effectively Retain Customers

The economy has its ups and downs, but regardless of how bleak things seem, you need to attract good customers and know how to keep those customers. For some businesses, it will actually cost exponential amounts to get a new customer compared to keeping old, loyal customers. Here are some tips to retain your customers, even when the times get tough.


1. Offer quality service and products.

An amazing product or service is often enough to keep customers around, economic slump or not. Services that aren’t very well thought out or poorly implemented just don’t have any chance of succeeding. If you notice that your product or service is getting bad reviews, head back to the drawing board and find a way to make things better, which brings us to the next point…

2. Listen to your customers.

Customers are more than people to take money from. They are your lifeblood. Your business cannot exist without them, so listen to them. Given the chance, clients will speak tomes about your company, your product, things that they like about your product, and things that could use some work. With the ubiquity of social media, you should have no problem finding means of receiving feedback and starting conversations.

When you do talk to your customers, make sure you actually listen instead of pretending to listen to them. Take their feedback to heart and use it to improve your product and company operations.

3. Know your customers.

Listening to your customers helps you get to know them better, on a one-on-one basis and also as larger groups. When you have too many customers to know each one individually, CRM management software helps you to keep track of important information to know their spending habits, likes and dislikes, and even their birthday to send special promotions. Small business CRM and large business CRM can be purchased via FileMaker Pro hosting or can be hosted on your own server, depending on your IT functionality. CRM software helps you to understand your customers not only for marketing purposes, but also to ensure effective communication and safekeeping of information that will help you serve them better.

4. Reward your best customers.

Don’t assume that your presence or your product is reward enough, especially to your loyal customers. These are the customers who will spend a reasonable amount to be treated well, will offer you honest and constructive feedback, and will have your back when times are tough. Loyal customers are also an invaluable tool for building your client base. They will tell their friends.

When you notice customers who are loyal and regularly returning to your business, find ways to reward them. This can be something as simple as discounts, first dibs on products and services, and a private customer service line.

5. Be professional but know how to have fun and hang loose.

The stereotype of the humorless, buttoned-up businessman is old-fashioned and not especially appealing to anyone. People want to talk to other people, not “brands.” Inject some personality into your social media. Show your fun side. Use Instagram and video services to give a fun behind-the-scenes look at the company. Hold contests that get customers engaged with the brand.

Customers should be your everything. If you treat them well, they’re sure to return the favor.

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