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Responsive and Progressive Web Design Explained?

RWD Responsive web design is an approach to web design and development that adapts to a site’s design for optimal viewing on all customers devices, Responsive design helps web designers and customers to create an edit once, display anywhere website whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile display – the layout will change accordingly.

Instead of using scripts or programming, RWD uses CSS and media queries (layout instructions), fluid grids, flexible images and variable fonts. Nowadays there is less need for a separate mobile website. In addition progressive web design is used in conjunction with RWD and focusses on content, not what different browsers or devices your customers are using. Content is categorised into 3 layers, html, CSS and Javascript. Using RWD methodology, you would typically start coding for mobile first, and then add features progressively.

Looking for assistance with setting up your Hubspot playform and tool stack? StartaDesign marketing agency are a certified Hubspot Agency & Consultancy company based in London, UK. Hire our Hubspot specialists to help you plan and execute a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign and enable a marketing automation where appropriate to help your inbound marketing strategy.

LEC Energy – Renewable Energy Solutions

Saving energy and ther planet is an ever growing concern, as industries throughout the world need to look for aternative methods and ways of improving efficiency in commercial and everyday life. Some of the ways of helping to reduce energy use is through Solar PV, Wave power, LED lighting, improving efficiency of household appliances. LEC Energy Ltd provide a number of energy saving solutions to businesses and homes in the Essex and London areas.

Shop Fitters London & Essex – Trident Build

Trident build shop fitters for high quality, professional shop fitters London & Essex. Quality, professional interior & exterior retail shop fitting contractrors.

UKV International Reviews

When selecting an investment company for vintage wine investment, its prudent to do your research into the company before committing to as decision. Always read the reviews carefully from a 3rd party source or visit them in person or ask to arrange an online conference call to satisfy you are happy before signing up. All UKV International reviews are verified and are impartial reviews from current investors actively in the market.

Independant Medical Appraisals & Revalidation

There are a number of independant medical appraisers you can go to for regulatory appraisals if you’re a doctor, nurse or medical professional. A Medical appraisal will cover the ‘where’ and ‘how’ as regards reflections, quality improvement, personal feedback and a unique development plan.

Our aim is to provide a cost effective & robust doctor & GP appraisals & Medical revalidation service to our fellow doctors in line with the requirements of the NHS & the GMC.